How to find a good Malaysia tour package from Singapore by bus?

Finding a travel route and the itineraries with the help of a travel agent is a good idea but it increases your overall cost. This is something that you can do by yourself with a little bit of research and study if you want. The goal must be to save the money, enjoy your travel experience and travel at your own pace and according to your own preferences. Travelling around Singapore and Malaysia is relatively easy as there are number of good tour packages to Malaysia.


While there are a number of transport modes available like buses, trains and more, travelling by bus is the most convenient and cost effective at the same time. While searching for Malaysia tour package from Singapore by bus, there’s one thing that must be kept in mind that you pay special emphasis on your stay in Malaysia. Most of the tour packages offer the same thing but they rarely deliver the promised experience so reading reviews of previous customers is a good idea. One of the hottest places to visit in Malaysia is Legoland Malaysia that is a water park and hotel in one location.

There you will find themed areas of attraction and this place is best for all ages because of what’s available there. Kids get to become heroes there and make their dreams come true. Most of the tour packages to Malaysia offer sightseeing services that include half-day tour around the city and famous places. Only breakfast is served and you can have rest of the meals of your own choice. Reading the itineraries gives a lot of info on what the tour packages have to offer so you know where to set your expectations.

Most commonly, when you make use of a Malaysia tour package from Singapore by bus, you get to arrive Kuala Lumpur on day 1. There you are met by the airport representative of the travel company who will assist you with your travel. After checking-in to the hotel, you can set on your own journey to explore the city yourself. You will find that it is an extremely clean, safe and cosmopolitan city with a touch of classic heritage in it. It is on the second day that you get to explore the city and see contemporary high-rises and world-class hotels, glitzy shopping malls and a lot more.

Tour packages to Malaysia will include the tours to King’s palace, the National Monument and a lot of other recreational places. The meals will be managed by the participants by themselves so you are free to have whatever you like. If you choose a good trip, then you will also be able to see Sunway Lagoon Full Day Trip and go see the animals at Wildlife Park. You will have an amazing time at Sunway Lagoon and then you are headed back to your hotel. The services provided by each package will vary from each other so you just have to find the one that suits your requirements.

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