Case Study For Family Indoor Shooting

A family that shares all the joys and emotions with each other makes a happy family. And photographing the entire family is always an exciting affair and wonderful experience of a lifetime. Shooting outdoors on a family trip is amazing, but sometimes you need a private environment that you can control in order to get the photos the way you want, not the way your natural surrounding wants. This is when Indoor shooting comes into limelight. H2 Studio is a best photography studio in Singapore that specializes in providing a wonderful photographic environment the way you want and supports all your photography needs with high-tech equipments your family photographer may require.


H2 Studio has several success stories and it has helped many families and businesses realize their dreams. Whether it is a portrait photography, product photography, family photography or headshot photography for model portfolio, the studio strives to offer the best services and ultra modern equipment always. It did the same just recently when a family of four came to the studio to get photographed themselves with their new born baby.

For portrait photography, there’s no better light to than the natural window light. So, the studio used it for the advantage of the family. All the members were positioned with their back to the light so that it falls onto them. The studio also supported their photographer with auto-changing background with at least 5 different colors of background paper. It helped the photographer to bring creativity in the photo shoot. It was a very heavenly experience to see the new born baby girl wearing a cute dress and holding props such as teddies and other toys. The baby holding the cute little fir blanket looked like an angel and her parents got emotional seeing her.

The studio used both natural and artificial lights to balance the images and give them the right exposure. The parents, their son and the little angel were together making a nice portrait. They were feeling very comfortable in the studio because it’s very spacious and well-ventilated. Even the gestures of photographer reflected that he was enjoying the moment and environment.

Photography backdrops arrive in varying styles and types and therefore, for a photographer, it can be downright confusing when trying to find that perfect match for family photo shoot. For the recent family photo shoot session, the team of H2 Studio offered auto-changing backgrounds of several colors, patterns, shades, and materials to enable the photographer to get the best out of the portrait. They wanted an outdoor theme and the studio offered something that exactly met their requirements. The flower themed backdrop with sunrise looked amazing and everyone was looking so indulged in the atmosphere.

The photography session ended with a graceful smile on the faces of everyone and H2 Studio felt really proud of creating another story of happy family. Family portrait photographs will never get outdated. Beautifully posed photographs, a professional photographer and a nice photography studio like H2 will always create wonders.

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