7 Tips for Packing Kitchenware Safe for Shifting

Relocations, House movements, Spring Cleaning are some of the reasons when a person needs to pack their kitchenware. However, often it happens that either they end up with missing items or breaking them due to improper packaging. Here are some tips from a housewife to let you pack your kitchen items safely.


  1. Pack your pans and pans with smaller, lighter items like spices. It is also advisable to pack bottles of oil, vinegar and other liquids that may leak during transport into your pans and pans. In the event of a leak, the liquid will not spill and you will be able to clean everything easily.
  2. When packing dishes, put towels, blankets or pillows in the bottom of your boxes. This allows the cartons to absorb shocks when they are moved and this protects your dishes.
  3. When packing plates, put something between each plate such as a kitchen towel, a tea towel, wrapping paper or a wrapping disc (spongy plastic). It is recommended that you buy cardboard or Styrofoam plates from your local dollar store and place them between your porcelain plates.
  4. Use cardboard boxes with separators to pack your classic glasses or walk safely.
  5. Do not place too many heavy objects in the cartons. If necessary, fill the top of the cardboard with pillows, towels, etc. So that it is not too heavy. The cartons must be completely filled so as not to collapse under the weight of the other cartons that are placed on them during transport.
  6. Take time to discard obsolete food, old appliances and old kitchen items that you no longer need or that you no longer like. Your motto is: “If I do not like something, I do not pack it!”
  7. To pack kitchen items, small appliances and food contained in the refrigerator and cupboards, there is never too much packaging tape! Use bubble wrap in Singapore with high strength tapes to get rid of opening of cardboards in between the relocation process.

Practical articles for the packaging stage:

You will also need a bunch of moving boxes to pack all the items you carry with you! You can easily find cheap moving boxes Singapore from your nearest cardboard store or reach any online store to buy them. Moreover, it is not necessary to buy new cardboard boxes or throw your ones as they can easily reuse them or give them to someone else who is trying to make a move or relocating to new place.

You will probably also need some good markers to write on all these boxes. Do not forget to write down on the boxes all that have been written by the people who have moved before you (to avoid confusion later). If you want to have a chance to find your belongings when you arrive in your new home, write very clearly on your boxes what they contain as well as the room for which they are intended. We also suggest you write on several sides of the cartons because they risk being a little turned over during the move.

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