Important Technical Pearls of Macbook Pro (15inch)

silver MacBook beside space gray iPhone 6 and clear drinking glass on brown wooden top

MacBook is the greatest work done by apple.sounds like a generous example of portable hand laptop with full of all requirements that you need. We cannot forget about macbook repair services because of the very quick and gentle solution for all that we expect.

Let’s have a look by unboxing the pearls of Macbook pro(15 inches):

  • Touch bar – have great touch bar with well-integrated touch id sensor. It’s silver space grey finish cates almost of the attention.
  • Not to ignore, its retina display 15.4-inch diagonal LED-backlit display. Its most supported scale resolutions are:
    • 1920 by 1200
    • 1680 by 1050
    • 1280 by 800
    • 1024 by 640
  • It gives brightness till 500 nuts
  • And have true tone technology
  • It gives storage of about 256GB only configurable to SSD with 512 Gb, 1tb, 2tb or 4tb.
  • It provides 512 GB to SSD with a configuration like 1tb, 2tb or 4tb.
  • Its memory is about 16GB of 2400MHZ
  • Its have four thunderbolt support for charging. That gives it long-lasting charging.
  • Well upgraded keyword, with well-integrated Touch ID sensor.
  • Its amazing point is with the Camera, with 720p facetime HD.
  • Great video display
  • It has a speaker with high dynamic range, its headphone jack is 3.5mm.
  • Operating system – Macbook has a powerful operating system, that enables every activity on it.
  • Its accessibility also gives a chance to the disability with its have inbuilt support for hearing, motor and physical support. with all these support you can create and do things according to your comfort.
  • It has features like voice-over, highest Zooming powers, you can increase contrast, reduce its motion, a well-supportive Siri and direction, text to speech activity.

All are specified features of MacBook pro.

Everyone knows that Apple. does not allow every app to get installed, to make it safe from the viruses for that it has some inbuilt applications.

For photos, for Movie. Siri as an assistant, safari, for mails, messages, face time that allows video calling, an app for messages, notes reminder application.

Apple Giveback Services

Make sure your MacBook is in good shape if it is so easy you can trade it’s in apple credit store, according to the findings you will get money back, either its recycling in no cost. Depends upon the current nature of your MacBook. If you want its repair so macbook and iPhone screen repair services are easy to have, by visiting near an apple store.

Extra facts about MacBook pro

In 2017 Apple MacBook was stylish and small.

In 2018 MacBook mini comes into the market with more powerful features.

MacBook Pro comes under the most powerful MacBook ever made. New generation MacBook, with the 8th generation processors.


At a glance, Apple’s MacBook pro 13 and 15 inches both are portable machines. These two models are well equipped with the 8th and 9th generation’s intel processors with butterfly keywords.

Due to the previous issue with its keyword, apple offered free macbook repair services to its customers on every apple repair stores. And introduced new butterfly keyword to combat the situation

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