Interesting information about beer you never knew

How many types of beers do you know? A large percentage of us consume a lot of beer daily especially through online alcohol delivery but we do not know the different types of beers we have available or how to tell them apart.

In this article, we are going to look at the different variations of beer and their characteristics. There are many reasons why beers may differ, sometimes it is the method of brewing other times it is the combination of ingredients.

There are so many different variations of beer and different terms used in beer making that you might not be aware of. In the coming sections, we would discuss some of these beers and terminologies.

Beers you should know.

banner_six_4The next time you get your beer through an online Singapore craft beer store, we want you to be able to effectively differentiate between the different types of beer. So in no particular order, here are some of the beers you should know:

  • Bock- is a strong lager of German origin. It is usually between pale and dark coloured and usually has an alcohol percentage of 6 per cent or less.
  • Malt liquor- beer with very high alcohol content. The alcoholic content of malt liquor sets it apart from ales and lagers.
  • Porter- an ale style beer with well-roasted barley that gives it a bitter-sweet flavour. It is darker than regular ale and tastes somewhat chocolatey.


  • Stout- dark in colour with a slightly burnt flavour. It usually contains more hops and is brewed from full-flavoured roasted malts.
  • Ice beer-it is made by cooling the beer during the production process to the freezing point of water but not alcohol. The ice is then removed giving the beer higher alcohol to water ratio.

Some beer terminologies.

There are some beer terminologies we are sure even you as a beer lover may not have heard.

  • High gravity beer- is used to describe beers that are brewed with a high wort to water ratio. This creates more sugars during the fermentation process and leads to a high alcohol per volume (ABV).
  • Attenuation- this is the term used for the amount of sugar in the wort that was converted into alcohol.
  • IBU- the international bitterness units are used the. Measure the bitterness as a result of hops.
  • Filtering- is the act of removing impurities such as the grains used during brewing. Although unfiltered beer is gaining popularity among the craft beer crowd.

These are just some of the terms used by beer producers, enthusiasts and now that you know the meaning, you. So the next time you see or read any of the terms we have discussed above you won’t have a problem.


By the next time you get your online alcohol delivery, we are sure that you would have enough new information to impress your delivery person.

We prepared this article as a piece for beer-lovers like you to educate you on some subtle beer terms and types of beer that you may not be aware of.

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