Brief idea about the incorporate company in Singapore

If you are a person who is willing to incorporate company in Singapore then trust me you are on the right track. Singapore is one finest country that promises the best business results. The idea of opting incorporate company in Singapore is undoubtedly the best due to its excellent facilities. Where, heysara app for business is a great choice to assure you with the best ease features to make your work done within an easy step by being at the comfort zone of your home.

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When we talk about incorporate company in Singaporethen there is some important knowledge that a person must be aware of. This small guide will help you get a clear idea to set up your business efficiently and easily in Singapore, where heysara app for business is always a great choice.

Without further discussion, let’s explore the basic information that will prove itself as a gem for you.

  1. Company name- it won’t be wrong saying that a business is recognized by its unique name. Thus, it needs to be unique, meaningful and clear. To make sure that your company name will not reject, you need to make it plagiarism free, which means it must not be identical to another existing company.
  2. The shareholders- an incorporate company in Singapore that falls under the sector of a private limited company must require a shareholder. The maximum number of shareholders can go up to 50 while the minimum number is 1.
  3. Resident director- as the name clarified, the incorporate company in Singapore is required to have a director that must be a citizen of Singapore having a permanent residence. Where the age should be above 18 and must not be a part of any bankrupt activities.
  4. Company secretary- we all are aware of the fact that the company secretary plays an essential role in the incorporate company in Singapore. The company secretary must be a citizen of Singapore and need to be hired within a maximum gap of 6 months.
  5. Minimum paid-up capital- according to the laws of the incorporate company in Singapore, the specific rules are set that need to be followed.  Where, in the case where the business is owned by a natural citizen, then the minimum paid capital of amount $1. While for the cases where the company is owned by an EnterPass holder, the minimum amount is fixed at the value of $50,000.

This is some of the basic information that will help you in setting up an incorporate company in Singapore. Undoubtedly, the task requires some complex method but with the help of heysara app for business, it can be done easily with the efficient result guaranteed promise.

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