Planning to study in Singapore? Get a Scholarship

If you always dreamt of studying in Singapore but have been a challenge for you, then don’t worry as various scholarship options can prove a great help you.

Studying abroad is something that not everyone can afford, this is why many students drop their dream of going out to study. However, if you are good at studies, then the one thing that can help you fulfill your dream is scholarship. If you have chosen any particular course that you are passionate about and you want to make your career in it, then you can easily fund your education by finding out more on Scholarships in Singapore. 

There are multiple programs that you can explore that will help you to start your studies. You can get a scholarship for Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and all other universities and colleges that are there in the country.

Doing some research on the online platform and contacting the experts will help you understand which college will be the best for you and how you can get the scholarship.

Different scholarship options that are available in Singapore:

A Sean Undergraduate

This option is provided by the national university of Singapore. You have to be a national of an ASEAN country to get this scholarship. The eligible countries for this scholarship are Myanmar, Brunei, Malaysia, and a couple of other countries as well. The requirements for this scholarship include leadership skills and excellent academic record. The scholarship also covers the tuition fees.

Science and technology undergraduate

This scholarship is available for the freshman at the NUS. It is also for the students that are from Asia. If you want to study in Singapore, then this scholarship is certainly the best option for you. You need to have a good education record to get this scholarship along with other skills that are required.

Dr. Goh Keng Swee

The GKS program is run by ABS, the association of banks in Singapore. It is for students from different countries that are there in Asia. You need to be an undergraduate if you want to study in UNI Singapore. The eligible countries for this scholarship include Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and other countries as well.

Look for the right university

By doing some research on the internet, you can look for different universities and colleges that offer scholarships in Singapore. This will help you to start your career easily.

OSAU is an online platform where you can get information about different courses and institutes. You can also get to know about the scholarships that are offered by them, this will help you to get the best scholarship as per your eligibility.

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