Practical tips for Families with Children to Choose the Perfect Condo

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The appearance of a child in the family automatically increases the requirements of parents for the size, quality and convenience of housing. Visit website and get complete information about Canninghill Piers new launch condo. There are multiple malls, parks, lifestyle amenities, and schools around Canninghill Piers, offered by developers with integrated residential complex. Call them today!

Families with toddlers or teenagers also pay special attention to infrastructure, ecology and recreation areas. That’s why it takes many investors more than one month to find a suitable condo in all respects. Some particularly demanding buyers can pull with the purchase of a perfect property for up to 6-12 months.

What new buildings attract the attention of families with children: Top 3 criteria

In the capital and other cities, developers are trying to implement a variety of projects aimed at different categories of investors. Thanks to this approach, tenants can count on the level of comfort that is considered the most suitable for themselves and their family members.

1. Kindergarten and school nearby

Adults already have a lot of everyday tasks that take a lot of time and effort. If to this all is added another 1-2 hours to take children to kindergarten or school, then there is no time for personal life and leisure. That is why family potential investors prefer Canninghill Piers new launch condo located near these educational institutions. This adds at least 30-45 minutes of free time to the daily routine.

Ideally, the path to kindergarten or school should take no more than 10-15 minutes. In extreme cases, the necessary institution could be reached at the same time, only by private car or public transport. That is why families with children choose new buildings erected near educational institutions or with their own kindergartens and schools on the territory.

River Valley Primary School

There are lot of reputed schools around Canninghill Piers like:

  • River Valley Primary School – a 6-minute drive away
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Junior) – a 10-minute drive away
  • Singapore Management University – a 6-minute drive away
  • Lasalle College of the Arts – a 9-minute drive away
  • ISS International School – an 8-minute drive away
  • School of the Arts Singapore – a 6-minute drive away
  • Gan Eng Seng Secondary School – a 10-minute drive away
  • Alexandra Primary School – an 11-minute drive away

2. Availability of children’s, playgrounds and sports fields

Since the children are very active, the presence of their own recreation areas and other equipped places on the territory of the residential complex will be a huge plus. It is best when for kids aged 1-5 years there is a playground with sandboxes, swings, carousels and benches for parents in the shade of trees. And for older children are perfect game mini-complexes of natural materials, the presence of their own bike paths, perhaps a skate park or minimal sports equipment.

The presence of at least a few zones in the home territory will allow adults to always look after their own child. And it will save even more free time moms and dads, because you do not have to go to specialized recreation areas by car, subway or bus. In addition, children will be protected from outsiders in Canninghill Piers new launch condo, will be able not to be afraid of vehicles and other potential dangers.

3. Parks, rivers, lakes and other garden and park facilities

Families are looking for residential complex apartments where they won’t have to worry about dirty air, garbage cans or dust.

A huge advantage of the residential complex for families is the proximity to squares and park areas, ponds or rivers. There you can walk slowly with kids and pets, have picnics, sunbathe or play mobile games right on the beach. Ideal for hanging out in spring, summer and autumn.

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