How to deal with termites present at your business/commercial place?

There are several business owners who have the false impression that they don’t need to think about the dry wood and subterranean termites on their property because they are mostly present in residential places.


But the real truth is that termite invasion can occur in commercial places also and lead to huge structural damage. Not getting the termite treatment in Singapore on time can affect the flow of your business. Remember that your business place has the same risk of termites as your home.


Types of Termites

There are different types of termites that can affect your commercial place:


Subterranean termites 


You need to know that subterranean termites mainly live underground and build a wide network of tunnels in the ground itself. Being a business owner, you need to be aware of its risks.


If your property has an area where shrubs, flowers, trees, and other vegetation planted offer direct access to the ground then termites can easily come to the surface in order to seek sources of damp, rotting wood, decaying, and dry wood.


As the subterranean termites are small, they easily get fit into every minute crack, opening as well as gaps present in concrete. In this way, they enter your commercial building and start damaging the property.


Drywood termites


Such type of termite species does not live underground because they generally create their colonies within the structures of dry wood. When compared to subterranean species, dry wood termites are more damaging as they can eat all the wood along with hard knots in order to develop tunnels and create their colonies.


Gradually, these termites begin to infest your business place and target the direct access points to dry wood like cracks, gaps as well as other opened exterior sections of the building including:


  • Doors
  • Roof vents
  • Windows
  • Downspouts
  • Siding
  • Gutters
  • Overhangs


How to keep your business place free from termites?


One of the best ways to start with a termite inspection of your commercial/business place is to take the help of an experienced termite service provider. There are several companies that offer services of the best mosquito killer in Singapore like Aardwolf Pestkare, making your place termite free.


The inspection done by the termite control company helps in recognizing the potential risks to your place, their sources as well as endorsement by your expert about what needs to be done next.


Apart from annual or bi-annual inspections, you should also get the building and property treated properly for the termites. There are both effective indoor and outdoor treatments that are very good at creating a barrier in order to stop the colonies of termite from developing in and near your business place.


Therefore, depending upon the requirement of your business place, the professionals of termite control service create a plan so that the presence of termites can be tackled effectively without any delay.


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