What All Amenities One Should Have Near a Condo 

Whenever we plan to go somewhere and enjoy ourselves, planning for the travel looks like an additional task. It’s hectic and money-consuming. Just take a simple example of your child’s schooling. For most parents, it’s a most prioritized wish to have an excellent school just near to their home. Be it a small kid or an adolescent, traveling long their way to school and then coming back after getting so tired is tough.

Hence, it’s heartwarming to get an outstanding educational facility just near your house. Let’s look at some other essential amenities that you must have near your house.

Educational institutes

Your home should be surrounded by different types of educational institutes. If you get a great condo surrounded by several options of schooling, you should never want for anything else.

The Commodore Singapore are famous just because of their diverse nature and extent of availability. You can get all you want just a few minutes of distance. Parents can take their kids on a journey from pre-school to higher education, which can be well covered here. When we talk about primary schools, there are schools that sits within a range of 1 kilometer to the residence.

Medical facilities

If you are living with your family, it is the most important aspect to be taken care of. As in a family from an infant to an elder, everyone has their special medical needs. No one wants to travel so far and get to the doctor. And what if you have an emergency? Residing in a corner of the city will not be the correct way though!

Parks and gardens

Green gardens and playing parks are important for our daily life relaxation. Whenever we are done with our work and want to have some relaxed time, our minds directly assume to reach some green and cheerful environment.

Feed your brain cells with enough energy and help them to erase all the anxiety and stress.

Have a glance over at The Watergardens @ Canberra amenities too, and give your decision a green flag today itself. It is a residential development covered by multiple schools, entertainment zones, food courts, recreational facilities, and shopping marts.

Entertainment and restaurants

A county like Singapore, where there are delicacies famous from all over the world is easily available. Be it a Chinese dish, Indian, Malay, or the western ones every type of taste can be found in the restaurants. Local eateries are present on the stalls where you can have low-cost food and on the contrary, high-budget restaurants such as the Food Republic at Parkway parade and the original Katong laksa serve a large type of queasiness.

Fitness centres and MRT stations

Fitness freaks can never live without gyms and fitness clubs. They look for these centers whenever they change their residence. Nowadays, condos are offering high-quality gyms to their dwellers so that they do not have to go out to find some impressive facility gym for them.

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