WSH council- A tripartite Alliance for workplace safety and health 

BizSafe is a capability-building program that is nationally recognized to help companies while building workplace safety and health capabilities. The program is consists of SG secure elements to assist companies to put in place measures so that they can manage potential terror threats. It’s a compulsion for bizsafe certification applicants to go through and apply the following bizsafe course materials.

  1. SG secure bizsafe training notes
  2. SG secure guide for the workplace
  3. Contingency planning advisory for premises
  4. Protective security advisory for premises

It is a five-step program. Your entity may apply directly for a specific level as long as it confronts that level’s requirements.

The benefits of Bizsafe- 

Over 35,000 companies have been benefitted from bizsafe to date. What’s all about it? Let’s examine.

  1. Relent with Risk Management Regulations

Under the WSH Risk Management Regulations, all workforce. Must carry out a risk assessment for all work activities and processes. These assessments must also be reviewed, every 3 years or when the work activities change.

Level 3 or biz safe or above states that your company has correctly put in place systems for the management of workplace Risks and signifies that it is complying with WSH Regulations.

If you want to achieve this, you must commit a Singapore Accreditation Council(SAC) Accredited Auditing Organizations to get the implementation Of RM in your workplace by making use of the bizsafe level 3Risk Management Audit checklist.

  1. Increase the business competitive edge

It’s a fact that safety and health incidents cause financial losses and delays. Therefore, several clients prefer to work with those companies that have a sound WSH system and practices. If you have a bizsafe certificate, it will boost you to expand your business opportunities, as it is often a major provision for tenders and contracts.

  1. Earn better corporate branding

Several companies pride themselves on their ability and reputation to deliver quality services and products. However, this is done at the cost of employees and spurs harm to them. This can severely damage the corporate image of the company.

Whereas, wshc bizsafe can help to ensure your clients that the services and products of your company are delivered by your employees who work in a healthy and safe environment that will further improve the corporate branding of your company. Safety and health are the basic needs of any human being. Failing to provide it may result in the shift of prospective employees to another employer. Bizsafe recognized the safety and health commitment of your company which can be beneficial for you to retain your talents.

  1. Enjoy free advertising of services

For all the bizsafe companies, the bizsafe marketplace provides free advertising. After your company gets a bizsafe certificate, the company and services will be depicted on the marketplace. Then you can connect with like-minded partners and clients.

Safety and compliance of your business are the keys to creating a name in the market. So, what to wait for? At Assure Safety, you will get a 3-day pdpa course. With which the participants will be equipped with a good understanding of the PDPA and how this act may have pertained to your organization for obedience.

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