Choose a High Floor or a First Floor?

Along with factors such as the number of square meters, the number of rooms and the existence or not of terrace, parking and elevator, the height of the apartment is also decisive when making the purchase decision.

Choosing a high floor or first floor, in many cases, acts as a key element when tilting the balance towards one end or the other.

Some believe that living on the ground floors is safer in case of tremors. Others say that living on the upper floors is better because you have privileged views. The truth is that both options have pros and cons.

If you are thinking of buying an apartment and have wondered what is best for you, the following list of advantages and disadvantages will be used, to determine which floor level to choose:

Apartments on high floors


  • In buildings with a single elevator per tower, in case it suffers a breakdown, it can cause discomfort when you have to go up and down the stairs.
  • They are more prone to horizontal oscillations by wind actions in them and constant vibrations of tectonic layers.
  • If it’s the top floor, they’re directly exposed to inclement weather, so heat and rain are likely to feel more intense.

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  • The best view the building can offer.
  • You will be closer to the terrace of the building, if you have it.
  • Less street noise pollution.
  • It has better ventilation.
  • Luminosity, the apartment will receive more sunlight throughout the day.
  • It will retain a warm temperature due to the reception of sunlight.
  • Living on the top floor you can’t stand the noise of neighbours on your roof.
  • Ground floor or first floor apartments

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Apartment on first floor


  • Direct contact with outside street noise.
  • Cooler environments.


  • They are usually very practical for their easy access, both for moving and remodelling.
  • Increased security against accidents, easily evacuated areas.
  • Sometimes they gain extra space with a garden or patio.
  • They’re cheaper.
  • You have less trouble with the noise you generate.
  • They tend to stay cool, as they do not receive the same amount of sunlight as apartments on high floors.
  • With little presence of outdoor lighting, it will be easier to control the light you want in your apartment, it will be much more comfortable to sleep in the afternoons.

Choosing the best floor to live depends mainly on the criteria of each person.

Either way, if you choose where to live well, it won’t be as important which floor you choose. And if you already know the best option for you, we invite you to register for developer price for Pasir Ris 8 new launch condo.

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